Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall time treats.

Today started off with making our way to the pumpkin patch! We got a little excited and took tons of pictures and left with 4 big size pumpkins and about 8 tiny little baby pumpkins (too adorable).

Random little horse in between the pumpkins?

Our dear friend Yadi joined us :)

After we found all of our pumpkins we headed to our friend Juan's house, who cooked us the most delicious meal!! He really needs to be a chef. Just amazing.

He made us "vampires blood" drinks. They even came with little fake vampire teeth!
-Pomegranate Juice
-Salt/paprika for the rim

After we all ate we started carving our pumpkins!

I ended up not making enough room for my owl, but I still like the way it turned out.

everyone's pumpkins.

Now I am off to munch on some pumpkin seeds (I took everyone's seeds) they just got out of the oven. DELICIOUS!

Have a good rest of your day :)



  1. Wow, those pumpkins look awesome!

  2. ive seen so many blogs on halloween lately (duh lol) but its not really celebrated at all in New Zealand.. honestly, are we missing out ?? i would love to bake bright green cookies & try carving out a pumpkin, & put fake spiderwebs in odd places... :) x