Saturday, September 4, 2010

weekend/apartment take 3

hey guys! I am having an awesome weekend so far, so awesome that I wanted to share some of it with you :)

Yesterday lover face and I went thrifting ALL day long, left at noon (after his class got out) and didn't come home until after 9pm (long day, right?). We went all over Monteca and Stockton. We found so many new awesome thrift stores! And we bought so much stuff!
This is what our car looks like with a full day of thrifting,

Anyone else experience the same when they do a day of thrifting?

remember in my last post how I said I would love to find the perfect picnic basket? Well guess what? I did!

so pretty right? And ONLY 2$!

I also went a little over board on purses (I always do) I just dont realize how many Ive picked up at the previous thrift store and before I know it I have like 10 of them :)

my favorite one is the odd round cylinder one, I thought it was unique.

I found a good handful of pyrex, which I can NEVER get enough of! I am actually heading over to walmart after I am done to check out shelving because I have no more room to display them on top of my cabinets :( hence them just sitting on my kitchen counter.

I think I have almost the entire set of the crazy daisy ones :)

I have been loving all things granny squares lately and landed on some beautiful blankets and pillow each one being under 5$ which is just incredible considering how much time/effort goes in to making each one.

I also found this adorable owl, I put it on our center piece on our coffee table doesnt he just bring it to life? he is just SOOOO cute!

and these cute tea cups and saucers, couldn't pass them up.

My bestie picked me up this awesome vintage looking fan from his work. He knows me too well. He is too kind for his own good :)

I have a project I will be working on tonight. Remember a while ago I made a post on nothing but granny squares? and this amazing woman had a shop on etsy that she sold gorgeous granny square garlands? Well I came across a bundle of cute crotchet pot holders that I thought would look cute as garland for our living room.

Lets see how this turns out...I will post pics as soon as I finish!

One last thing, here are more pictures of our wall in the living room which I added a few more pictures and the wall in our kitchen for my display of pot holders, which I added some more as well.

I hope you all enjoyed my picture over load! haha. I hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend! See you guys very soon.



  1. ahah I got carried away by purses too! but lately I'm trying to contain myself ahah

    I'd like so much to go thrifting, but where I live (Italy) there aren't many thrift stores I know :/

  2. Wow, I am sooooo jealous of all of the cuteness going on in this post!
    love love love your blog!

  3. The blankets and pillows are lovely lovely lovely. Well, it all looks super for that matter :)