Sunday, September 19, 2010

busy weekend.

Friday I spent 3 hours of my morning waiting on my car to be serviced, never again will I go on a Friday. I know, I know, what was I thinking?! well, I figured that people would still be at work at 10am on a Friday, WRONG! I guess everyone had the same idea I had because boy were they busy. I did get the time to work on some homework and a few more drawings :)

The weather cleared up just enough to continue with our friends bonfire. It was a lot of fun, laughs, drinks, music, s'mores, and what were the odds that the HUGE group to the right of us were part of the burning man! Crazy right? (for those of you who have never heard of them read on it, it is amazing what these people do) They came by and offered us some of their wood because lets face it, our fire sucked compared to theirs! hah.

Saturday I worked all day long, literally 12p-7p. After work lover face and I plus our friends Juan and Chris went out because I was craving a nice juicy burger! After the dinner lover face and I drove to Berkeley. I ended up bringing some more things over to our apartment, slowly but surely, and we re-organized what will soon be our room and made room for some new furniture that I brought over. So far so good, but I still have a lot more furniture to bring over, dresser, TV, bed, side table, Coffee table, TV stand, etc. We are going to be doing some serious "spring" cleaning in December!

Today we decided to check out Thrift Town since they have been having coupons for the past 2 weeks, 3$ off of 10$ you spend, and 5$ off of 20$ you spend. On our way over to Thrift Town we realized that the city of San Pablo was having a huge street event with vendors, food, and live music all for free. So we walked around and took a look. Since there was the event we ended up having to park about 4-5 blocks away near a church that was having a rummage sale, and we happened to walk in right as they were closing up in half an hour and announced that everything was FREE!! This cute little old lady came up to me handed me a bag and said, "Everything is free, take LOTS!" and of course my response was, "NO PROBLEM!" hah. So lover face and I left with a box, and 2 bags full of goodies :)

the rummage sale.

some of my finds.

When we went to thrift town I ended up picking up 2 tops and this cute winter vest along with these mint condition 80's style Liz Claiborne purses, SO pretty!

please ignore my face being covered, I took some allergy medicine that made me completely groggy and I just did NOT look cute in these pictures. Thanks.

Teal & Magenta, LOVE them.

After, we had some dinner and walked to trader joes to get some yummy soy chocolate ice cream bars, along with fruit and yogurt. The rest of the night has been hanging out and watching movies :)

I am going to try and relax with whats left of the weekend because I have a busy, busy week ahead of me! Projects, homework, and exams this week :( Wish me luck!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!



  1. wow, that rummage sale sounds awesome, I wish there was stuff like that where I live c:

  2. Hey, just linked to your blog from you comment on Strumpet's Crumpets and I'm now following! Yup, that rummage sale sounds amazing, I went to a car boot sale a few days ago which sounds similar but there wasn't much there :(