Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quick update.

I added some new earrings to my shop,
1. Granny square earrings
2. Silver tassel earrings

and I am finishing up this little number...not sure what I will put in his little speak bubble yet.

My mom called in sick for work tomorrow so that her and I could have a fun filled day of hanging out. I am excited :) I only have 5 more days here in San Diego and its beginning to hit me how fast these days will go...I am going to miss my family a lot (as I always do after leaving) but I must go back to San Francisco for I start school next Tuesday. Being away from my parents always makes things hard. But I know the 4 months of school will fly by and I will be back home come Christmas time.

Well it is after 1am I must get some sleep. Goodnight or Goodmorning depending on where you live!



  1. I adore the first pair of earrings :) I really wanted to try and make some too but I have got so caught up in knitting at the moment.

  2. That snail design is SO cute! I hope you and your mum have a fun day tomorrow. And it'll be Christmas before you know it for sure! I can't believe how fast time goes when I'm at university.