Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just a quick...

HELLO! I am getting ready to go watch Despicable Me with my mommy :) and than its off to the dermatologist to find out why my hands get ever so dry (yuck, I know). I've always had sensitive skin since I can remember, I used to not even be able to put on any scented lotion, I couldn't use any body wash with a scent and even some perfumes would irritate my skin. It was horrible! After that its off to Macy's because my mom just bought me the perfect black boots, but tell me why after only 2 days of wearing them they some how tore a huge hole in them. LAME! So we are going back to find me some other ones that are made with better quality and in the mix Im hoping I can get some lunch of out of my mo too, or maybe some froyo? haha :)

Be back later today with some goodies I made last night while being a home body (yes lover face left me to go to a party). And hopefully my pictures of my dresses/coats I found the other day while thrifting!

Hope everyone has a great day today! Go out and enjoy the sunshine (if its sunny where you live)!!


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