Monday, August 16, 2010

Im cute and fluffy..who am I?

I love these little guys, sooooo cute!

When I was a kid we had an all black rabbit and we called him Ink Pad. He was the cutest, sweetest little bunny :)

This morning lover face and I are going on a nice bike ride up the Coronado Strand with my Dad. I hope the weather picks up because right now its lookin a little overcast.

When I get back its Thrift Store of the Week, annnd what is my all time favorite dog. Can anyone guess what is it....? hee, hee.

see you all in a few hours!


  1. nnaaaawwww sooo adorable !! haha we are such girls :p. gotta love them lil fluffy friends tho ay ;)


  2. Tehe, I want them all!

  3. how did u get the picture of the bunny with baby in the food bowl? cause that is my bunny Thumper with her baby 2 SPOTS!