Friday, August 13, 2010

The fun I have.

here are my long over due pictures of some of the clothes I picked up while thrifting last week,

Most of them have ridiculous shoulder pads that I need to take out and they all need a good wash because they smell of old musty thrift stores.

I also have this gorgeous vintage dress (well I think) that I will be wearing tonight to go out with some friends. Cant wait to show you guys pictures! I had it tailored because it was way too long for me, but it looks perfect now!

Last night I was in North Park going to a few bars/lounges in the area. First stop U31. Ive only been here a few times considering not even a month after I turned 21 I moved to SF. They even have an old photo booth inside to take pictures. Drinks are reasonable, crowd is cool. But considering there was the "North Beach Music Thing" there were only local rock bands playing and we all wanted dancing music! So we headed over to one of my favorite spots the AC lounge all the times I have gone its been nothing short of awesome. GREAT Djs, awesome crowd, TONS of energy. We literally danced our butts off all night long. It was great. There are a few of my friends who I have yet to hangout with since Ive been back in SD that came along for the fun, and I was so excited for that. All in all it was good times :)

Yesterday was Pool day, a couple of my friends and I hung out in a friends pool all day long. It was relaxing and the weather was perfect, in the low 80s. We laughed, listened to music and had a few drinks. It was exactly what I needed.




Lately Ive been finding a lot of inspiration to make/craft things. I love it. There are times where I get crafting block...(get it like writers block, hah) where nothing inspires me, or when I sit down to craft my mind is just completely blank. But lately my mind is running with ideas, now if only I had the time to sit down and make everything! :) I'm starting some new earrings which in my surprise my mom actually likes. Not that my mom doesn't enjoy the things I create, but this pair of earrings I thought, would be the last pair she would end up liking.

Today one of my friends neighbors is having a BBQ/potluck, so I think lover face and I will be stopping by for a little while. Grab something to eat, something to drink, and just hang out and relax.

What are your plans for this weekend? Anything excited going on?

ps. I am participating in Cookie Buttons great idea. I am excited for this because I am able to explore a new area in blogging for me. My partner is "fashion" all I need to do it think of a post. Maybe I will do a daily outfit post (I have never done one) along with a sketch of a dress or some clothing item? ANY SUGGESTIONS?



  1. I looove thrifting too! Cool blazers, i love that black and white one.

  2. looks like you found some awesome stuff! how did you get your pool pictures to look so cool?

  3. The clothes at the top are fantastic, I would LOVE to go thrifting with you!