Thursday, August 19, 2010

Etsy loves

Lately Ive been loving all things granny squares.

Like this amazing granny purse from margiwarg

And this beautiful granny square garland from littleteawagon. I absolutely LOVE this and I MUST make one for my house.

And this pretty granny blanket from antiquealterego. I love how all the colors compliment one another.

And this gorgeous granny scarf from bethanybutton. OMG I need this :)

This afternoon a friend and I did some catching up while thrifting and look at what I happened to come across,

stunning right? I cant wait to make throw pillows out of them :)

Tonight I am going out in celebration of a friends 21st bday. Should be fun.

What etsy things are you lovin right now? Leave me the link I would love to see them :)



  1. The garland is amazing, I must have it!

  2. With Fall coming up (real soon, I hope!) I'm in such a granny square mood, too! I've been crocheting up a storm - from scarves to blankets! Love it! :)

    xo! Ash

  3. Miss wendy: I know, right?! ME TOO!

    ashleywratts: I cant wait for fall/winter (Im not a big fan of the heat) and I need to freshen up on my crocheting skills!

  4. The pillows are amazing!