Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thrift Store(s) of the week is back!!

Lover face and I went all over today to different thrift stores. Here is the list of all of the places we went to today in order;

1. St. Vincent De Paul (Oakland)
2. Thrift Town (San Leandro)
3. Thrift center thrift store (Hayward)
4. Eco Thrift (Hayward)
5. St. Vincent De Paul (Fremont)
6. Thrift Town (Fremont)
7. Goodwill (Dublin)
8. St. Vincent De Paul (Pleasant hill)
9. Goodwill (Pleasant hill)
10. Goodwill (Rodeo)
11. Thrift Town (El Sobrante)

so there was a tie between 2 of the places we went for my thrift store of the week...but hey there can be more than 1 thrift store for the week, right? :) Without further ado the thrift stores (plural) of the week are Thrift Town (San Leandro) and Goodwill (Rodeo). Both places I found everything Im lovin these days, 70's Pyrex dishes, vintage thermos', and cafeteria trays!

today was a successful thrift shopping day for both the lover face and I. he scored on a bunch of VHS tapes (sorry he just corrected me he got 40 VHS tapes), some laser discs, AND a $20 Nintendo 64 that came with 5 different games and 4 controllers. He also got street fighter for super Nintendo (he cant wait to play against me so he can kick my butt, but I have one up on him with Donkey Kong, cant touch this!) SCORE for him!

I also picked up a total granny purse but absolutely LOVE it :)

ohh and I found this super pretty hand made picture! I love, love, LOVE it! They had 2 different ones but I decided on this one

little did I know that they were 50% off until I got rung up :( otherwise I would of got both...oh well. Super pretty right? I really want to try and make one!

After our long day, we stopped by Trader Joe's on the way home to buy some finger foods for Tuesday. Now we are at home relaxing enjoying some good ole' TV thinking about going and getting some yogurt from yogurt park.

mmmmm...yes I think we will go and get some! haha.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Sunday like we did! We end the day being happy campers!


Have a great rest of whats left of the weekend!



  1. i love your thrift finds
    and have been craving fro yo for forever now!! it looks so delicious.

  2. So jealous!
    I love the first image with the little house :) so sweet.

  3. nothing nicer than frozen yoghurt! xx