Monday, June 21, 2010

New York here i come!!!

in aprox 7hrs I will be on a plane heading to NY! I am def excited! I get to spend 2 whole weeks there with a friend going to all the different places possible!

I was planning on bringing my laptop to post daily BUT i dont think that is going to happen because I doubt the people we are staying with have WIFI. If they end up having a computer I will try to go on it as often as possible. It just doesnt make sense to lug my laptop around the city while riding the subway going to different internet cafes. We will see what happenes :)

Just an FYI if I dont get a chance to post for a few days.


I will see you all soon!!



  1. Yay, I am so excited for you!
    Have loads of fun and tell us everything that you do :D

  2. have an amazing time (:
    i was out there a couple years back, it's breath taking!
    can't wait to see all the fun you've had when you get back.

  3. there is wifi everywhere in NYC, i could not live without a computer