Sunday, June 20, 2010

its another sunday...

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last posting. Sad to say but our anniversary was ruined do to me having to work ALL day. I ended up coming to my boyfriend's house a little after 8pm where he had this cute card he had made for me sitting on the table. We went to our favorite thai place and had a little yummy dinner. It was sweet, I was just a little bummed that we werent able to spend all day together.

this is the back of the card my boyfriend made me, its "I Love You" in a bunch of different cute.

After thai food we came back home and watched the movie, Pecker, where I fell asleep after about 20 min in...haha, I was SOO tired from working. Luckily my boyfriend loves me enough and understood that I was really tired and let me sleep :)

Today we decided we would still go out and do things in celebration of our anniversary, we headed over to the San Pablo Flea Market, which neither one of us has ever been. We walked in from the backside and there was piles and piles of stuff (a lot looked like junk)...but it was inside that had all the good stuff. I picked up just a few little things, but we were there for at least an hour digging through everything. I forget at places like these you really have to search through piles of stuff to find things.

After the flea market we stopped by Out Of The Closet that is near our place, low and behold everything was 50% off today (just our luck!) I scored on a thermos, along with this super cute 70's-ish napkin holder. They had these really cute shoes that I tried squeezing into but it just wasnt happening...bummer. Of course the boyfriend scored on VHS tapes along with some vinyl. awesome.

We came back home for a little to make lunch, we had bagel sandwiches which were delicious thanks to me! I also did a little laundry because I needed a few things to finish packing for New York (I leave in 2 days!!!!) While we were waiting for our laundry we watched some cheesy lifetime movies and took a little nap.

After we finished our laundry we headed over to thrift town just to have a look around. Didnt get too much stuff this time around, but I can always find at least one thing that I MUST buy. hah.

THRIFT STORE OF THE WEEK: (sorry for the lame banner, but I am using my boyfriends laptop because I have forgotten mine)

Out Of The Closet. This thrift store is awesome, all of their proceeds go directly to the AIDS health foundation. Shopping here gives you another way to help fight the AIDS/HIV epidemic and save a life!

and now to wrap up the day, Parmesan chicken pasta dinner and watching War Of The Worlds...maybe we will walk to get some foster freeze ice cream...mmmmmm or maybe to save money we will just have our fruit bars that are in the freezer, lol. Either one will be delicious.

Tell me about your day, I would love to hear the things you did :)

Have a great rest of the night!



  1. Hey! I just came across your blog, soo cute!! and I love the card your Bf made. How creative is he!


  2. aww thanks! Glad you stopped by and liked my blog :) hope to hear from you soon!!