Friday, June 18, 2010

I shouldn't be awake...

because I have work at 8am which means I get to wake up at 7am, YAY!

My 2 days off were GREAT! I felt like I accomplished a lot. We went thrifting (as always) found a couple of things, a cool vintage black and purple dress, a sweet thermos, and a cute pyrex bowl.

My friend and I didnt end up cooking enchiladas :( he is a manager for Pure Beauty (a salon) and he ended up having to stay at work a few more hours than expected, so we all just went out for thai instead of cooking :) BUT I did end up cooking chicken tacos myself for me and lover face! I think I did a pretty good damn job for my first time if I say so myself!

they ended up being delicious! I even sent a picture to my mom via text just to show her, I knew she would be proud! but of course my moms are 10Xs better than mine. hah.

The weather has been soooo nice lately that we went on a nice walk. We stopped to get some boba and pretty flowers on the way too :) here are some pictures of our little adventure.

TA-DA! our walk ended with me putting my flowers in one of the thermos's I have and watching the real housewives of New York part 3 of the reunion and Bethany getting married? (yes I make my boyfriend watch them with me...and he loves every minute of it! hah) because my guilty pleasure is reality TV.

OH YES and the biggest accomplishment, I finally cleaned and reorganized my room! walking into a nice clean room feels great. I did NOT want to leave to NY and come back to a messy, sloppy room! I even rearranged my desk to sit and do my crafting/jewelry making.

I admit my desk still looks cluttered, but I swear its only because I just have so many crafts and things to craft with that I have no place to put everything! haha...I buy all these different containers and jars and such to put things in but some how it still seems to look cluttered. sigh. Oh well I still did A LOT today with my room, took a few hours to get everything done. But overall I am happy :)

Tomorrow its work all day, and than coming home and working on a nice card for my lover since saturday is our 6 year anniversary! (YIKES thats a long time)...I already have in mind how I want the card to turn out just havent put a single bit of it together. We both decided on NO gifts this year, money it me going to New York takes a big chunk of my money. We decided on a nice dinner, making each other cards, and watching a movie maybe with some wine...? either way should be a great anniversary :)

Alright well its off to bed for me (or at least try and go to sleep, seems I can never go to bed early).
Have a GREAT friday!



  1. nice desk! I love your pictures!

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    My name is Polly.. nice to meet you :)

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  2. hello polly! nice to meet you too! and yess im heading over right now to look at your giveaway :)