Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HOORAY for the next 2 days off!

yes thats right I have 2 days off in a row! SOOO excited. Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going to one of our good friends house to cook dinner we have been trying to make it a routine of ours to have a night where we chill, watch movies and cook dinner so we are finally able to do it tomorrow and we are going to cook some delicious enchiladas! I haven't had some really good ones since I went home during summer last year so I am definitely looking forward to them :D

I will post pics of the turn out tomorrow, its always crazy in the kitchen when you put me and our friend (Juan) in there! We both are stubborn and want to do everything our way! haha, but either the way in the end we are always happy with how our food turns out.

The boyfriend and I are also going to stop at the goodwill where our friend works at so hopefully we can get some good deals. Last time when we went we hit the jack pot and found so much good shit...AND we got a sweet discount which made it even better.

I would also like to take a nice walk if the weather stays nice out, maybe to the beach? Or Irving street (its the street with TONS of delicious food and small shops are on thats close to my house)...or maybe hike up to Grand View Park, the view is gorgeous!


awesome right? The only thing is that the wind is crazy once you reach the top! I took my dad up when he visited about a month ago and it sure was windy I felt as if I was going to get knocked over.

Ive been in the mood to buy some flowers, there is a convenient corner flower shop just a couple of blocks up from my house ive been meaning to go just havent had cash...maybe I will stop by tomorrow or thursday.




pretty flowers always make me smile :)

As for thursday, Im just not sure what I will do. I would really like to finish up some crafting I have been putting off and make some awesome jewelry. I have this one necklace that I jut cant seem to put all together. I LOVE how i made the pendant, but I dont know, I just dont like how anything looks with it...hmm, I will eventually figure it out.

I added a few new things to my Etsy shop if you wanted to check them out :) I added a couple of hand crafted things by me and a couple of vintage purses!

until tomorrow, have a great rest of the night!


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