Sunday, May 23, 2010

thrifting sundays.

oh man we JUST got back from going to a bunch of different places. We did end up getting are hands on some pretty good finds today, so overall I am happy! For the most part I was able to buy everything I wanted but there were a few things that were just too over priced and couldnt get myself to buy them. We were even able to make it around to one of our favorite spots in Hayward, Eco Thrift where I scored about 4 purses and this really cute/pretty owl music box. Tomorrow we will be going around Berkeley and Walnut Creek area looking at all the many thrift stores as we can :D

Here is a picture of all the stuff I got today:

Old vintage blue suitcase (that I will need to fix up the outer parts since there are some stickers/scuff marks on it), the owl music box, purses, a set of really pretty floral plates, and 2 super cute picture frames that I am thinking about spray painting a fun color!

while I got all my stuff, the lover ended up buying about 30 different VHS tapes/DVDs to add to his collection. He was happy.

On our way to one of the Goodwills we stopped at today we ended up finding a Nijiya Japanese market, where we got a bunch of food & snacks, and right across the way there was a craft store where of course I had to stop and I ended up going a little crazy in the button section...haha.

I am def going to have fun playing with all my buttons :D

on another note;


you can check them out on the urban outfitters website under the sale selection. only $19.99 now and they come in different colors! so cute.

annnnd I am making myself one of these bad boys! :D

well I am off to lay around, watch movies with the lover and hopefully finish my necklace ive been working on. Goodnight!



  1. I love the little owl! I just posted a pic the other day of a little owl glasses holder i got lol. I also got japanese snacks today! night night!

  2. aww really? cute. for some reason Ive been drawn to owls lately. Gotta love japanese snacks right?...with all their cute little faces and crazy flavored candies! YUM!

  3. Such lovely things you got :)
    Will be adding your new button!

  4. ive started really liking owls lately aunts gave me Hello Kitty strawberry filled marshmallows!!! on the cover she is dressed up like an empress :) i posted a pic if u wanna see lol

  5. i love that suitcase! awesome finds! :)

  6. the cookie button: YAY! thanks for adding my button, too sweet :D

    Elycia: although the suitcase is awesome I really think I have a problem because I already have about 3 others..haha.