Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday!

My first monday of summer break and it was GREAT! The boyfriend and I got up fairly early, around 10am got ready and left the house close to 11am to head ALL over to different Goodwills, and stop at random thrift stores we found along the way. Again, I ended up finding a lot of great findings :D I guess being too busy to thrift the past few weeks really made the trips the last couple of days worth it.

I got some really cute earrings, a pretty flower brooch, and this other neat brooch that I will be turning into a ring which will be up for sale soon. I cant wait for my damn chase debit card to come in so I can finally get my store going!! sigh...the joy of waiting for stuff in the mail. Anyway, got a couple of cool vintage purses, OH and I found some mugs that match the single one I found a while back at one of the Goodwills, so that was exciting!

sorry this post is so short but I am beat from being out literally all day long. I will post tomorrow.

Goodnight :D


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