Saturday, September 10, 2011

something I collect.

I dont know about you, but I love opening cabinets and seeing a bunch of different colors. I love mixing and matching glasses and adding them to my collection. I love solid colors, patterns, shapes and textures.
eventually, I will have too many for my cabinet to hold. Once we get a bigger place, I would love to get a china cabinet to display them :)

what about you? Do you like mixing and matching your glasses? or having them all uniform? (its okay if you do, I wont judge you. haha)


  1. Aww, now these are cute ^_^ I especially like the one with the little house on. I love the idea of mix and match, I would like this sort of thing at my wedding in the not too distant future x

  2. Those are all so adorable. Do you actually drink out of them or just collect??

  3. They are lovely! I adore vintage glasses but since I have two kids and a slightly klutz-y hubby, such a gorgeous collection would likely be killed off fairly quickly :-(

    Other than that, sure, I'd love to collect some :-)