Monday, March 28, 2011

Thrifty finds.

These are some of the items I scored while on our road trip. Pretty much every thrift store we stopped at was amazing, and had amazing prices. I especially loved that I felt that everyone who was shopping at the different thrift stores really LOVED vintage, rummaging through things and anxious to see what they find, and overall just love to thrift. It was a breath of fresh air because I dont usually get that feeling when im thrifting in my own city. Its become widely "trendy" which is increasing prices and is swamped with what we call, hipsters.

To do list today:
1. stop by work
2. pick up more thread/stuffing
3. grocery shop (in dire need of food in our house since we were gone for a week)
4. catch up on sewing!

Have a great monday!

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