Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday's Thrift Store of The Week.

This weeks thrift store is the Rodeo Goodwill store.

Why (my thoughts)-When I go to thrift stores I usually have what I am looking for in mind, that is also because I enjoy collecting things. One of the first things I look for in a thirft store are always vintage pyrex dishes/bowls. It never fails, just about every time I go to this goodwill they have at least 3 different pyrex and all for good prices. If its not the pyrex its their collection of bric-a-brac items. They also have a wide range of cute purses, some times a bit out of my price range but if you dont mind spending a few more dollars for a purse than this is the store for you. The only negative feedback I have on this store is that their clothes are priced too high. a lot of people complained about experiencing this Goodwill to having to high of prices on certain items. I really think its a hit or miss, but like I said the things I look for I always find here for a decent price.

Price range-Kitchen wares any where from 99 cents-$10.00, VHS tapes 99 cents each, all DVDs $2.99, purses $6-$10.00 each. Shirts from $4-$10.00 ($10 for a shirt is just ridiculous to me), all dresses $7.99 (again a little to high for me).

Size of store-The store is medium size, not too small where everything is over crowded but definitely not the largest Goodwill I've seen.


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  1. $10 for a shirt... at GOODWILL? I've noticed that prices at Goodwill in my area (Cleveland) have been slowly but steadily creeping up. I can only hope that its not becoming the norm. It would be quite a shame!