Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 random facts about myself.

I took this challenge from ♥elycia. I thought it was a cute idea and a quick/easy way for you to get to know myself better. So....here it goes

1. I live in an apartment and hate it when I hear my neighbors (like seriously, I get so upset. lol)
2. I am an only child, I like it, but there are times where having an older sister would be cool.
3. I talk to myself a lot, not like in a creepy "hi megan, how is it going" kind of way, just basically planning out my day or when Im really mad/upset.
4. The two types of dogs I want are a corgi and a husky.
5. I wish I could speak japanese, and I would love to go to Japan one day.
6. I thrift way too much, and collect way too many unnecessary things.
7. I was on a swim team during high school, I also played volleyball for a while too.
8. I played the piano when I was younger but ended up despising it since it was forced on me, now I wish I stuck with it :/
9. My favorite mixed drink is a margarita on the rocks with salt.
10. The only way I can workout is if I have techno or house music playing, it must be upbeat because that is the only way I will stay at a good pace.
11. I wish I were better at sewing so I could sew my own clothes. How cool would that be to have sewn every piece of clothing I wore? AWESOME.
12. The only places I have ever visited in my lifetime outside of California is Las Vegas, Arizona, Florida, New York, Idaho & Paris.
13. I am currently planning a trip to London for the month of April.
14. I was supposed to be done with school last semester but got screwed over and am having to take one online class to be officially finished with college (so discouraging).
15. I would love to live in NY for a little while.
16. I have little patience with a lot of things and am so grateful I have a boyfriend who loves every part of me, even when I flip out.
17. I would love to be able to open up my own thrift store someday.
18. I have to spray perfume every time I leave the house, and I own about 30 different ones. Not kidding.
19. I am terrible at saving money.
20. I enjoy being by myself a lot.
21. I have this insane habit of always having a fan on in the house. Morning, day & night, the fan must be on (I think this habit came about since I have been living in apartments for the past 2 1/2 years and not wanting to hear neighbors)
22. I still jam out to old 90's music, and love every minute of it.
23. I have always been the person to not have a lot of friends, but definitely okay with it.
24. I have changed my major three times from wanting to be a vet, to a nurse, to now a dietician.
25. my feet blister like no other. I have a love hate relationship with new shoes, I love buying them but hate that no matter what kind of shoe it is I ALWAYS get a blister! (am I the only person who is this way??? It drives me crazy!)
26. As much as I think reality shows are ridiculous, I cant get enough of them.
27. I love having my back scratched.
28. I hate when people touch my things, one without asking, but two when they dont put them back!
29. After I do laundry I pretty much never put them away (luckily I have an OCD boyfriend who does).
30. I find that most people think I am really intimidating when they first meet me, or scared of me. Its crazy to me since Its definitely NOT intentional (but am used to it because Ive gotten it all my life) but those people who think that way end up being my closest friends, weird huh?

well, I hope this was more fun to read than scaring you away from me! haha. Its always weird finding stuff out about people, especially through a blog since most of the time you dont know everything about them since they're behind a screen. Overall, I enjoyed doing this :)

Have a great night!


  1. I wish I coulds speak Japanese, too. I really, really hope I can visit someday. My dad's been there a few times on business and his stories just amaze me. I try so hard to save money, but it just disappears. Ooohhh, and I LOVE having my back strached! My husband pretty much hates it so I try not to ask often (even though I do). haha. Interesting entry!


  2. This was really fun to read :)
    I have to agree with you about the people touching my stuff bit, gah! So annoying.
    P.s thankooo for adding my button ^_^