Friday, December 24, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

OMGOSH! I have finally found the pyrex I have been looking for, lover face and I stopped by the goodwill near my parents house. I almost didnt stop only because I have been there a good handful of times and never seem to find anything there, not to mention most of their things are over priced. But we decided to stop since we havent been in a long time, so I walked toward the back where are the home decor items are, and low and behold I found this beauty!

I just about screamed with excitement when I found it! It is in perfect mint condition and only for 4$ (good job goodwill for not pricing it something outrageous).
Oh well hello...

meet Mr. Pepe (he is my dads dog)
There is never a time where you can go in the backyard without these little guys coming around to see what you are doing.

and thats Panda, she is my baby...well she isnt a baby anymore she is about 12 years old. You would never know she was that old because she is still filled with spunk.

Tomorrow is Christmas! eeek! I love Christmas so I thought it would be fun to share some of my wishes :)

1. great family time
2. conair hot rollers
3. Mini instax camera
4. pig out on all the junk food I want
5. perfect weather (not too hot, a little chilly)
6. take new family pictures
7. snuggle up and watch Christmas movies
8. (this will never happen but I always wish for it)...a white christmas, just once I would like to wake up on christmas and run out of my house into the snow and build a snowman all bundled up!

what are some of your Christmas Wishes?

see you soon!

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