Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sneak peek/Etsy loves

Here are some photos of our apartment and how it is coming along :) Still have plenty of stuff to move in, but it is slowly getting there!


I want everything in this shop to be in my apartment! Please & thank you. I am drooling over the cinderella style vintage pyrex for my collection!
and these! OMG!

from Zellesatic I only have one bowl with this design. I love vintage pyrex, just wish they werent so expensive. My entire collection I have accumulated by findings in thrift shops. I am not used to spending 30$ for 2 bowls plus 15$ for shipping, when I pay about 5$ for one bowl. I guess I will just have to be on the hunt to find the ones I want!

Also, I have a few paintings I've done on wooden plaques. I don't know when I will have the time to add them to my etsy shop. I have been so busy with school (since this is supposed to be my last semester), getting things ready for my big move in December and not to mention this weekend my roommate and I are taking a road trip out to Boise Idaho to visit a friend. I have neglected my etsy shop but I am determined to get things back up to speed very soon.

The top one is supposed to have "you are the water to my tea" in her speak bubble.


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  1. I adore all the bits and pieces on the wall, very inique :) Not only that but I love the last image.. they are just too cute!