Sunday, October 24, 2010

One hour photo.

Lover face and I watched this movie, it is from the early 2000's. Neither one of us had seen it but ended up enjoying it.

We were inspired after watching this movie, and loveelycia's blog to take a picture every hour while we were out today :)
We started our day pretty late since we over slept, oops.

After 7:30p we went to check out some VHS shelves that we saw on craigslist. We will be getting them tomorrow afternoon (thank goodness) because our apartment is over flowing with VHS tapes! So having these will help with getting them all organized and in alphabetical order.

Lover face and I tried hanging up a shelf in our kitchen, the first time we tried putting it up it didn't go too well. hah. We ended up hitting a stud and no longer could get the screw in, so only half the shelf was hung up. We had to re-start, we finally got it but now have 2 extra holes in our wall that we will need to patch up :/ We both are not savvy with that kind of stuff (obviously)...but I told lover face he needs to start learning this stuff for when we get a house!

I have to admit that I love the way it turned out :)

Okay, I think we are going to go out and get some ice cream! Have a good night!



  1. That's such a cool idea, the 'one hour photo' thing. Haven't watched the movie, I'm going to try to track it down...

  2. thanks :) and yes you should try and find the movie and watch it. Its pretty weird, but we liked it.

  3. Tehe, these are great images :) I love the very last one.