Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Friday + craft madness!

I hope everyone had a great Friday! I finally slept in, which felt amazing! Then lover face and I tried to go recycle the piled up bottles we've been collecting but just our luck there was no one there even though the place was supposed to be open until 4pm today. We looked at the goodwill that is right next to the recycling center and I found this cool old label maker and they had tons of pretty color tape to go with it :)

Today was another hot day here in Berkeley, we heard in some ares it reached up in the 3 digits! Anyway, we decided to get out of our hot apartment and take a walk to one of our favorite spots "Amanda's" to grab some dinner.

so yummy! Look the place up, its awesome.

Today I decided to get down and crafty with my bad self! haha. I just figured its time to make some stuff that has been put off for weeks now. So here is some of the things Ive been working on, some will be up for sale in my etsy shop and some are just for me :)

fall time headbands. I LOVE fall!

I still need to finish her speak bubbles.

I also worked on my sewing skills (I am such a beginner, I need a lot more practice) Ive been buying cheap dresses and shirts to practice on so these are my first 2 I worked on tonight. I tried doing a third one but it was a complete FAIL!

and of course the one that didnt turn out,

it had a weird shape because it was maternity wear, and the pockets threw me off. I really had no idea what I was doing so it was a disaster. Too bad because it could of been a cute dress.

Tomorrow lover face and I are heading down to San Jose because he found a posting on craigslist that there is going to be a huge yard sale where an entire block is selling things. After we must head back into the city because I have work at 7:00pm.

As for the rest of the night, a date with the TV and my boba :)

goodnight (or good morning).



  1. I adore the leaf headband! I want one :)
    Aww, your little drawings are just too cute.

  2. Hehe I can't even tell you how many times I have utterly and completely failed at an upcycling project. But I am not discouraged!

    Cute post!