Thursday, September 16, 2010

Going through the motions.

Story of my life! This is what I do on my breaks. I have been at work every night ALL night for the past 5 nights. I am going crazy being there all the time and having to come home at midnight and try to stay awake to finish homework! Thankfully I talked to my boss and got him to drop me down to only 20 hours and one 1 closing shift next week.

Today I finished my Graduation Application and turned it in for the head department of my major to check it and sign it off, I now need to pay $100.00 to complete everything feels damn good to know in 3 months I will no longer be a student!! (well at least not for another year or so) I am so excited to see what my future holds for me. But until than its finishing up my internship, 10 page research papers, portfolio binder, and a ridiculous amount of presentations, they are definitely making me work for my diploma!

I cant wait for this weekend, I have friday off which NEVER happens! Lover face will be coming over after I get my oh so desperately needed oil change in my car and we are having a fun filled day of hanging out, thrifting, enjoying the nice weather (hopefully it stays nice) and going to a friends bonfire to end the night :) ALSO cant forget that it is also pay day, which is always an added bonus!

On another note, my parents are too cute...they bought this new TV that connects to wifi so they are hooking it up just to video chat with me using the TV! haha, cute right? and to top it off they are bringing the geek squad to the house to show them how to use it! hahaha, my parents are too much.

I have been looking into buying a new smaller couch for when I move in with lover face since my couch is entirely too large for the apartment. We looked at ikea and found one for about 300$ I thought we could maybe pick up a cool vintage one while thrifting but the boyfriend seems to think that buying a couch is like buying a bed from a thrift store (I dont really feel this way, for there are A)couch covers B)clean steamers C)fabreeze) I just know we will be tight on cash when I move in and I just cant see us spending 300$ on a new couch. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

OH we did buy this shelving unit when we went to ikea for my pyrex bowls, I will post pictures next time. I really need to be getting to bed!

Sorry I have been lagging on posting!
Hope you all are doing well :)


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  1. I hate the late shifts also! But then again, I don't have homework so I can only imagine how awful that is. I love looking at thrift stores for couches, sometimes you can find the perfect couch for the perfect price.
    Good luck on the couch adventure. I hope that you both get what you want.