Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just a few things

I have a few things to share with you. Today I finally decided to make my way to the craft store and stop putting off my crafting ideas! So it was to the craft store I went! I left with a good handful of felt and ribbon (of course they didnt have the wood pieces I was looking for so I wasnt able to get those). So with my felt I made this awesome looking brooch,

AND remember miss yogurt?

well Ive decided to have an entire series of "miss yogurt" by adding a strawberry, caramel, and chocolate miss yogurt. Can you guess what flavor the orignal miss yogurt is? :) I have the cutout and all the felt ready to go! Im excited!!

The lover face and I finally found a pretty good thrift store today! We were happy :) He found over 20 laser dics! I found a really cute dress that I am having altered because it is entirely too long. Here are some of the other goodies I picked up today,

I just got home from taking a friend out for dinner in celebration of graduating. The dinner was so good! A bucket full of Lobster, shrimp, carne asada and chicken! mmmm...mouth watering. We went to Rockin Baja in Old Town. I forget how much I like Old Town. I need to make a trip over there again before I go back to San Francisco. It has so many delicious food places and cute shops.

oh man am I full and tired. For the rest of the night I thing I will have a meeting with my nice comfy bed and TV :)

Hope everyone had a fun day!


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