Wednesday, July 21, 2010

my current obsessions...

for some reason I go crazy when I score on either one of these while im thrifting! look, so gorgeous right?!

(all pictures are from google images)

annd I spoke about these in my last posting. These are so handy while crafting! and just cool in general :)

how cool is that metal one?? awesome!

ok that was just a quick post while I sit here on hold witch the Alameda Court house to try and figure out a ticket I got months ago that I NEVER paid for isnt in their system...?? dunno. haha.

be back later, hope you all have a great tuesday afternoon!



  1. i love those too! my mom told me the other day when we moved into the old house when i was little she threw tons of it out! how sad :(
    i love finding it when thrifting. i especially love the bright colored ones

  2. i loveee any dishes in bright colors! i remember having those trays when i was younger for lunch and dinner, loved them too.

  3. Haha you have won my heart over with this post!! I love everything about all of these things :)
    They make me what to cook cook cook!!!

  4. OH so lovin that pyrex..
    all you need is a yellow or pink matching kitchenaid...

    you have a new follower.
    check me out.

    have a happy thursday

  5. I love the first few dishes, very retro :)

  6. I know right? I cant get enough of them!! I totally want to have a huge cabinet FULL of them :)

  7. welcome carrie!...but little did you know I have been following you :) I know im very sneaky!