Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Saturday.

I am so off on my days, the entire day I thought it was a week day and not the weekend already. Yesterday was our assistant managers going away gathering. We met up at Bazaar Cafe to have some drinks and watch her friends band play. The bands name is Family Crest and they were amazing. They used all different kinds of instruments, violins, trumpets, the flute, drums, clarinet, the piano and the tambourine. The lead singer had a great voice and with everything put together they had an awesome sound. I love watching real musicians play real instruments. It was refreshing.

Today I had work all day and than met up with some friends for some yummy sushi, this place was awesome and CHEAP! Never have I gone to a sushi place and ordered 6 piece sushi for $1.95. It was great and we all ate so much food! I am soo full :)

I also started working on some items for my shop, I have to get back into my routine in making stuff since I am 2 weeks behind. Here is what I worked on today

I am planning on making a brooch and a necklace out of these flowers (The 2 flowers that look black are actually dark purple, it was a bad idea to take the picture against my black desk) What do ya think? I go through my phases and right now I am loving felt!

Tomorrow is my day off and I will be attending yet another goodbye dinner for my boss (yes both my boss and our AM are leaving us) its sad sucks to have built a relationship with these people who you are comfortable with to having to re-establish another one with a complete stranger especially because we are all very territorial of our store when it comes to new people coming into the equation. Lets just hope our new boss isnt an asshole.

The lover and I will also be stopping at our favorite goodwill stores to have a look around. Should be a nice relaxing day off. I also would like to work on more things for my shop.

What are your plans for sunday?



  1. Ooh, I love the sneak peak picture already so I am sure everything is going to be super!
    Today I have spent my afternoon making cakes and now I will do some reading. Lazy day :)

  2. i went to my grandparents old house to sort through things and then was so tired i just came home and laid down! the weekend went by so fast!

  3. The Cookie Button: lazy days are always fun :) Ive been having a lazy day today myself.

    Cherry Red Studio: The weekend did go by really fast! I was thinking today was sunday for some reason, hah.