Thursday, May 20, 2010


omgoodness I am officially on summer break I cannot express how excited and relieved I am. This summer is going to be filled with business and I CANT WAIT!

Didn't do too much today, I had my last final of the semester at 2pm. After the final I headed to forever 21 and bought me some stuff, thought I deserved it. hah. and than I stopped by Michaels and picked up more stuff to make my jewelry.

oh and the roomie and I just walked to get crepes I am so full!!...but at least we walked...right? haha.

ok off to make more crafts and than its bedtime because I have work at 730am YIKES thats early for me!

OH YES, I wanted to say thanks for my very first follower, The Cookie Button!! I must admit I got excited when I saw it :D Love her blog, super cute!


  1. congrats on finishing the semester! I graduate this summer :)

  2. Thanks! CONGRATS on finishing in the summer! I envy you, I wish i were graduating too! I dont graduate until Dec :( Just have to keep telling my self only one more semester...haha.