Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bead store galore.

So i finally made it to the bead store ive previously talked about (the one thats right outside my boyfriends new apartment) I rushed over to Berkeley yesterday to of course visit him, but also to go to the store :D The store had SOO much stuff in it I didnt know where to start. I bought some cool little flower beads, and a couple of other beads along with metal mounts and stuff. Didnt want to go overboard. The pricing is a little weird, I feel like some stuff is super cheap while at the same time feel like I could get it some where else for cheaper. I guess you can just dig through beads and find the cheap ones. I will def be going back, the owners are super nice as well. He was showing me where everything was, since like I mentioned there is just TONS of stuff in there!

I recommended stopping by if you live in Berkeley or are visiting.

The address is:
Cost Less Beads,
1710 University Ave, Berkeley, CA, 94703

here are the few things I ended up picking up while I was there:

Anyway, finals are going, well...not so good I suppose. I just feel unmotivated for school at the moment and no matter how long i study for and how many times I re-read over the material it some how just doesnt seem to stick in my head. I hate the feeling like Ive wasted all night staying up studying to still feel like I did terribly on an exam. sigh, what are you going to do. Just one more day and one last final and I wont see school for 3 whole months!!!

k, off to study & maybe get some crafting done in between?


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